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They wanted to achieve big goals or make big changes in their life, but they felt like something was holding them back from being able to regulate their relationship with food & body image.

They weren't confident in how they ate, and they sure as heck weren't confident about how they looked.


If you're struggling with these things too,  

it likely bleeds into many 1 of these 4 areas of your life (if not all of them):​


1. How you eat. Maybe you are 'cutting carbs', 'going keto', or on the Whole 30. Food is your worst enemy, but you can't seem to stop thinking about it and/or reaching for it.

2. How well you sleep. You might find yourself lying awake at night thinking back on all the food you ate and wishing that you had eaten differently, swearing you will do better tomorrow. Or, you are staring at photos taken you wish you could disappear from.

3. How much effort you put into your career. You struggle to make eye contact with your coworkers, or to feel worthy enough to ask your boss for a raise. If you're a student, raising your hand in class may be scary because you don't want others to see you.

4. How present you are in relationships. Believing your spouse when they say you're beautiful seems like an impossible task. You're feeling more distant than the day you fell in love. Or, perhaps you struggle to be present with your kids while you're pouring over healthy recipes or 'thinspiration' pages. Lastly, you might have a hard time connecting with friends. Having a conversation anything more than surface-level is a thing of the past when you are only thinking about how you wish you looked different

Does this hit home for you?

If you relate to these things, then stick around... you're in the right place.


Hi, I'm Michelle

I'm a Registered Dietitian, Licensed Medical Nutrition Therapist

with a Masters of Science in Health Psychology,

I'm an eating disorder expert,

a body image and wellness mentor,

an intuitive eating coach, as well as


But most importantly, I'm a mom, wife, and woman in diet culture... and I'm here to help break you out of this culture and create a healthy lifestyle suited for your individual needs.

-Do thoughts about food control your life?  

-Do you think of yourself as an “emotional eater?” 

-Are you stuck on the diet/binge roller coaster?

-Do you have an eating disorder, or think you might?

I Can Help.


All on your own, self-paced course.


My signature 4 month group coaching program.


6 months of 1:1 private coaching.


Customized guest speaking for your audience.


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Curious about what an anti-diet dietitian thinks about all of the latest diets? Wondering what the actual risks are? Confused by what all of the popular ones entail? This book is for you!

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Sarah, 1:1 Client

Michelle Yates is great! She's professional, relatable, knowledge and a delight to work with! I'd highly recommend her!

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