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About Me

& who I help as a virtual dietitian and Omaha nutritionist


Michelle Yates, MS, RD, LMNT

The dietitian behind Yates Nutrition in Omaha

I genuinely feel like I was put on this earth to show others that they deserve to have a healthy relationship with food and a better body image. That's why I've made it my professional mission to help others develop a healthy relationship with food and honor their bodies, no matter what they look like.

Of course, I wasn’t always a virtual dietitian. Before I followed this passion, I was just another woman in diet culture.


As many teens and dancers do, I struggled with body image and disordered eating patterns back in the day. 

In time, I realized that our bodies are much more intelligent than we think. They actually don't need us to control every calorie and every macronutrient.


Instead of telling my body to listen to me, I learned to sit back and listen to my body.


Since then,

I have had a world of freedom. I let go of the "food police" inside me that caused constant guilt and shame cycles. And I started working as an intuitive eating dietitian to help others do the same.

My Work As A Virtual Dietitian

Today, I help individuals with eating disorders and disordered eating as a binge eating coach. My group binge eating coaching program has helped many women stop binge eating once and for all.

And because I am strongly anti-diet-culture, dietitian services with me also help those who just want to know how to care for their body while having a positive body image. Both my binge eating and intuitive eating program and my podcast, can help you explore the intuitive eating and find food freedom.


Whether you are a chronic dieter, you struggle to know what to eat/how much, or you are don't know if you ask yourself, "Am I a disordered eater or do I have an eating disorder?" I can help.


My goal, should we work together, is for you to experience food freedom, lasting joy, and find out what feeling 'healthy' is really like for you (no matter what your weight is).


What are you waiting for? Start working with a virtual dietitian today!

My Philosophy 👇 

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