Featuring notes on the keto diet, Whole 30, Noom, and MORE!

The lowdown on all of today's most popular diets, audited by a dietitian so that YOU are informed before deciding if you should go on a diet.

You Will Learn...

The slimy dangers and scams that come along with diets.

How diets may be bringing you further away from your wellness goals.

And a new method that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE (this is one that I promise you've never heard of before).

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Michelle Yates

Registered Dietitian

Owner, Yates Nutrition

Do thoughts about food control your life?

Do you dread seeing your reflection in the mirror?  

Do you think of yourself as an emotional eater, binge-eater, or overeater? 

Have you been on every diet under the sun and still can’t control your eating or your weight?


I can help.


Hi! I'm Michelle, a Registered Dietitian & Online Nutrition Coach

I help my clients find food freedom, lasting joy, and find out how to love their body no matter what their stage of life is.


This eBook will help guide you on your path to a healthier you.



Michelle Yates, MS, RD, LMNT