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VIP Private Coaching

Master Intuitive Eating & Body Confidence


You are SO done with diet culture...

and you are ready for more.

There's no question in your mind that someday, you'll have as much confidence as Beyoncé.

You know that at some point in your life, you'll look back and you won't be able to remember the last time you didn't honor your body.

But at the same time, you feel like it's not happening quickly enough.

You know it can happen for you... but it feels intimidating. challenging. scary.


 You want to wake up tomorrow and finally be the master of food & how you feel in your skin.



You're meant to live your best life.

Never look back on what you've eaten and think, "Was that the right choice? Should I have had that? Am I slipping back into bad habits?"


Effortlessly make choices that feel good and help to clear your mind rather than bog you down. 


Possess the kind of self love that inspires you to take care of yourself AND others.


Feel amazing in your skin for the rest of your life - no more questioning if you're attractive enough for your partner.

We can make it happen, together.

Image by Seth Doyle



  • Having the right mindset of food is going to be unlocked for you instantly. Seriously. Within our first meeting together, you'll feel completely different around food. So much so, that you'll actually feel like food is adding to your memories, rather than taking them away.

  • I will guide you through every question, scenario, wondering, query, etc that can possibly come up for you... and let's be real - there's going to be a LOT (because #life, #foodiseverywhere and #dietcultureiseverywhere).

  • You'll never feel alone or confused in this journey - I'm here on the sideline to guide you, support you, and celebrate you.

  • You will have the support of a 1:1 mentor who understands you (more on that later) & is there to help you to get out of your own way.

YOU KNOW YOU DON'T NEED A COACH... but you want one.

You actually don't need a coach... but you genuinely want one.

You know how valuable it is to have someone in your corner, accelerating the process for you.

No more wondering how long it'll take to get where you want to go.

You know how valuable it is to invest money so that instead of investing your time and energy, you can actually get that time & energy BACK to focus on other things.

Either way, you'll end up at your goal. It's just a matter of what's more important to you.

So you tell me: coach, or no coach?

1:1 Mentorship

6 months with Michelle Yates


  • Your choice of either 1 x 60-min or 2 x 30-min private coaching calls per month  – where we’ll talk mindset, intuitive eating & body image/empowerment to keep you on track with your goals and anything that comes up along the way that you’d like my support with (perfect for asking deep questions, prepping for new scenarios, healing from past wounds that diet culture has left, etc).

  • Unlimited private chat access to Michelle (similar to Voxer) for constant support in between sessions -- we can chat and send voice notes daily (M-F) for coaching, support, feedback & guidance on absolutely anything you need to feel empowered, be continually growing & and always know your next steps, every step of the way (this is where the real magic happens – in the day-to-day moments!).


Pay in full: $5,400 (discount!)

Monthly payment plan: $1,000 x 6

Spots are open to begin now, apply below

"Working with Michelle has been great, she is easy to talk to. Things I have been scared to tell other practitioners, she validated that those thoughts or feelings as completely normal."

-Tiffany (Round Lake, IL)

Image by Seth Doyle
Image by Alesia Kazantceva

"I loved working with Michelle! I felt that she cared much more than people I had talked to in the past. I also really liked that I could ask a question whenever and not need to remember it all for our meetings. I felt that she were very responsive which was great!"

-Marti (Omaha, NE)

"Working with Michelle has been amazing. I have 100% trust in her and have never felt judged in any way! I always felt I could come to her with anything, including some TMI things that didn't phase her.


The fact that she has been through her own journey with food, self-confidence, etc. has been so valuable and important to me and this experience. I felt understood.

Being able to dig deep with Michelle on emotional things was so helpful!"

-Anna (Omaha, NE)

Image by Chad Madden


During our time together, we’ll dive into your mindset, food behaviors, & body image to make sure you’re set up to worry less & enjoy more, including anything and everything you need to get there, such as…

  • Challenging the thoughts that are setting you up for failure.

  • Learn why your food behaviors have failed you, and reset your body to function optimally.

  • Understand the unique signals YOUR body gives you, and how to honor them.

  • Dig DEEP into why your relationship with food has led you to restricting and/or binge-eating.

  • Discover how to eat until satisfied and then walk away.

  • Unleash the honor and respect your body deserves.

  • Never question your motives for nutritious foods or exercising every again.

  • Master how to care for yourself so you can better care for others.

  • Ditch the mentality that you have to be skinny in order to be perfect, healthy, or worthy.

  • Say goodbye to not being the perfect 'body positive' warrior and instead learn to give yourself grace wherever you're at.

  • Learn the basics of nutrition and how our bodies use different fuel.

  • Find joy in movement to create a lasting, healthy relationship with exercise.

  • Test yourself in the real world and get real time feedback.

  • Carry yourself with confidence that is built to last an eternity.

You & I Are Not Very Different.

I initially went to school to become a dietitian because I wanted to know how to have "the perfect diet" (lol, jokes on me 'cause there isn't one). I was deep in disordered eating patterns, and I was proud of it, too.

But on the inside? I was struggling.

Thoughts of food occupied my brain constantly. I was tired, defeated by the scale, was body dysmorphic, and saw my relationships slipping away. 

I kept comparing myself to everyone who had it all together and was determined to be as shredded, cut, and 'perfect' as they were.

Slap a PCOS diagnosis and weight gain on, I was embarrassed. Most of all, I was scared people would think I was a fake.






Adopting these two concepts changed my life.


Not only did this create a balanced and stress-free relationship with food and a confidence in my body I’d never experienced, but it also reversed my PCOS symptoms. My A1c dropped, my body composition changed, and most importantly - I was able to get pregnant with my beautiful daughter.


Now, I not only am healthy enough to raise her, but my mental health is aligned to not be accidentally teaching my daughter to be at war with food and her body.

This is completely counter-cultural because most coaches, nutritionists, and even dietitians are focused on weight loss and having the ‘perfect diet’ and 'perfect BMI'.

But through these 2 shifts, my education + the grace of God, I was able to heal my disordered eating & body dysmorphia. 


Now I can help you, too.

It doesn’t matter how much you weigh.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been struggling for two years, two months, or two decades.

Neither of those things matter to me.

All I care about is you, your health, your goals, your vision & mostly importantly... your happiness.

So whether your goal is to never feel guilt with a food choice again, or something else entirely…

If you’re a badass woman who’s committed to increasing her quality of life & you are FULLY ready to invest in your growth…

Not just for today, but for your future…

And you know, with 100% certainty, that you are ready to start LIVING your life to the fullest, worrying less than you’ve ever worried before, feeling HOTTER than ever before, enjoying MORE than you’ve ever enjoyed before & actually LOVING your simple, fun & healthy lifestyle…

This is where it happens. 

It's a no-brainer decision at this point. 

Tap the button below to apply and start making your vision your reality.



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