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Here is a simplification of how my online dietitian services work

In my practice, I know that everyone - and every phase of life - is unique. The nutrition support you need right now may be very different from the support you need one year or 10 years down the line.

That’s why I offer a broad range of online dietitian services - so there’s always something that

meets your needs.


If you’re interested in exploring intuitive eating and finding food freedom, my 4-week course may be right for you. If you’re struggling with binge eating, emotional eating, and disordered eating, my 16-week binge eating coaching program is likely a good fit.

Explore my full range of online dietitian services.

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You aren't looking to invest in a coach, but want to get started on intuitive eating and being free of food anxiety right away. This online intuitive eating course is for you.

Budget: Low



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Group Coaching

You're ready to invest in a life that is binge-free, value community, and want to have a high level of support. Get started in my binge eating coaching program any time!

Budget: Moderate

Spots are open!

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Private Coaching

You want a coach all to yourself in healing your relationship with food/body and are ready to dive all in to VIP-level support and accountability.

Budget: High

By Request Only

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Eating Disorder

You need an outpatient eating disorder dietitian to add to your medical treatment team.

Budget: Moderate

Not accepting new patients