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Eating Disorder Dietitian, Intuitive Eating Coach, & Motivational Speaker

Motivational Speaking and Media Appearances by an
Eating Disorders Dietitian in a Post-Pandemic World

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Recently, we’ve all become aware of both our health and our limitations in staying healthy. It’s been a pretty scary time. And it’s also been a questionable time for our nutrition and mental health. Quarantine and gyms shutting down threw off a lot of people’s fitness regimes.


Emotional eating makes a lot more sense when the world is ending. But now that the smoke is gone and it’s looking like the world will spin on, many of us need a good motivational talk to get us back into the right mindset with food. We need an eating disorders dietitian who specializes in binge eating coaching and emotional overeating to give us practical advice for getting healthy and staying healthy.

An Intuitive Eating Dietitian For The 21st Century

Have you ever listened to the run-of-the-mill guest speakers talking on nutrition? Instead of acting like someone interested in helping you, they pile on with stereotypes, platitudes, and data about how to ‘fight obesity’. They go on and on with comments like “you’ve got to want it enough to work for it” or “anyone can do it if they just believe in themselves.”

Their opinions aren’t geared towards people with jobs, families, and who have been hurt by diet culture. They quote meaningless weight loss statistics that only make us feel worse about ourselves. Have these people talk to a group of teenage girls, and it’s only going to heighten the girls’ obsession with food and their bodies.

That’s where an intuitive eating dietitian comes in.

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A New Approach to
Motivational Speaking About Nutrition

My whole focus at Yates Nutrition is on being an intuitive eating coach who sees people for who they are, and helps women in healing their relationship with food and their body image. I have years of experience working as a binge eating dietitian, so I know the impact diet culture can have.

My nutrition motivational speaking focuses on showing you how you can be healthy regardless of your body shape, size, color, gender, culture, really regardless of anything. Instead of treating nutrition as a one-size-fits-all practice,

I center my speeches on empathy and sound science. And I use my perspective as an eating disorder dietitian to help others break free from diet culture.

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The problem with finding a nutritionist is that most people who need them feel guilty that they aren’t at the weight they think they should be. Most people will try multiple regimens and listen to multiple nutritionist motivational speakers before they ever reach out for one-on-one help.
Counter-intuitive weight loss advice might keep them motivated for a weekend, excited to ‘finally lose this weight’, but the same stresses that prevented them from finding their happy weight before will prevent it after. They are left feeling guilty. After all, if they were motivated enough, they could lose the weight, right?

That’s why I founded Yates Nutrition - to focus heavily on spotlighting intuitive eating and body acceptance and to offer binge eating support to those who are struggling.. My motivational speaking is here to make sure that you always feel like you can take care of yourself and feel good in your skin, no matter what you look like.

I have a special place in my heart for dancers, gymnasts, ice skaters, and any other group of athletes who have a high emphasis placed on how their body looks and how much they weigh. Your sport shouldn’t be ruined because of your body image. We deserve to fully enjoy the activities we are involved in!

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There is an Eating Disorder Dietitian & Motivational Speaker Here For You

Nutrition is a tricky thing. Part of what makes it so important to have intuitive eating education is that dieting and body image is a life-long challenge for so many people. If advice feels counter-intuitive, then it won’t stick. The lost weight and health issues will return.


Being a nutritionist motivational speaker, I’m not here to help you lose 50 pounds in 100 days or any other fad diet nonsense. I want to help you stay on a healthy path until you feel free from rules, at peace in your body, and alive with newfound wellness.


Contact me about  being a guest speaker today! 


-Michelle Yates, Eating Disorders Dietitian, Owner & Founder of Yates Nutrition

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