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 Nourished & Free™ 

Intuitive Eating Podcast

Nourished & Free™


Wondering how to stop binge eating? Struggling to figure out how to stop emotional eating? Ready to learn more about intuitive eating and break free from toxic diet culture?


The Nourished & Free intuitive eating  podcast dives into all the uncomfortable conversations no one likes to have about their relationship with food or with their body.


It’s like having your very own intuitive eating dietitian…podcast style!

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Intuitive Eating Podcast Topics We Explore

Every episode of the Nourished & Free podcast dives deep into a common health and wellness challenge, including all things disordered eating, binge eating, emotional eating, body image, diet-culture, weight acceptance and healing our relationships with food.

Hosted by a registered dietitian, podcast episodes are packed with research-based nutrition and wellness advice you can apply to your health right away.

Hi, I'm Michelle.

After battling my own body dysmorphia and disordered eating, I made it my mission to help women conquer food guilt, binge eating and anything else that stands in the way of their mental or physical health.

Today, I work as a virtual dietitian and remain committed to showing my clients how to stop counting calories and feel more confident in their bodies.

Through my intuitive eating online course and my binge eating group coaching program, I’ve helped HUNDREDS of women break free from diet culture and find true food freedom.

Now, I’m bringing my knowledge as a binge eating coach and anti-diet dietitian to my podcast. 

Listen to Nourished & Free if you’re not ready to commit to an intuitive eating program but still want to learn how to stop counting calories and how to stop thinking about food all the time. Or, listen for bi-weekly inspiration & motivation to support your intuitive eating journey.


Find the Nourished & Free podcast wherever you listen to your other favorite shows.


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